Atsushi Sato Guitarlist/Composer/Aranger
Guitar Instructor/Clinician

In 1995, he moved to Liverpool,UK where Beartles was born. At the Liverpool Institute For Performing School which was established by Sir.Paul McCartney of Beatles. He studied musical theater performance, studio work and CD production. He worked as a lead guitarist of a musical Belarmy by Nick Owen and Gary Carpenter.
 Since September/1997, he has attended Berklee College Of Music in Boston /MA/USA for keep developing Composition/Arranging/Music Technology. His musical influence including Mahavishunu Orchestra,Yes,Genesis,UK,Allan Holdsworth Scott Henderson,Frank Zappa and Bela Fleck and Flecktones has led him to explore Progressive Jazz Rock fusion styles. After he graduated from Berklee,He transcribed and edited for Guitar Books "One guitar many styles(Melbay Publishing.Co) of Jon Finn,Berklee Guitar Facluty,and edited Guitarist,Johnny A guitar score book. He did transcribing work for Dream Theater Keyboardist,and good friend,Jordan Rudess for Dream Theater world tour 2002. He is also a Webmaster of Jordan Rudess official Japanese site since 2000. After He came back Japan,he has performed as solo,band or live support artists. He also composed music "AIR" for Healing Music(Holistic Raye,Co, UK) and PC game"AI Majong Version 10"(E-Frontier, Japan)
 He is currently working as his own project Atsushi Sato/Midasbass